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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most cost effective and long term techniques for driving more customers to your business. Simply put, SEO is the process of getting your business listed on Google higher up in the rankings than your competitors. 2014 Statistics have shown that 80% of all Americans are using Google to find businesses like yours, rather than traditional forms such as the yellow pages, 411, and other print advertising. Also worth noting is that 63% of internet searchers are not going past the 1st page of Google. Thus, getting more customers through placing your page on the first page of Google is something that your business cannot afford to ignore.

JPR Infoserve’ SEO Services is designed to address search engine algorithms of all main search engines. The SEO program utilizes multiple strategies to increase your website rankings. Search engine rankings are dependent on three major factors. These are:

Although all of the above factors are responsible for search engine rankings; the weight of these two factors has been during the last few years. Currently according to our analysis, on-page constitutes 25-30% of the search engine algorithm and off-page and Social Signals constitutes 70-75%.

Our SEO Program has been designed to address all these factors. Our on-page optimization service enhances the relevancy of your web pages for certain keywords while our relevant inbound link building and press releases enhances your website link popularity and social signals.


  • Affordable customer acquisitionOnce you get ranked, you get a continuous flow of targeted visitors to your website without needing to pay the search engines. By far, this is one of the most affordable techniques for getting new customers for your business.

  • Brand visibility Think about that search on ‘insurance’. The big insurance companies are all desperate to make it onto the first page of Google. The ones that didn’t make it either need to buy PPC ads to be seen, which is expensive for such a competitive search query.

  • Fixed costs Unlike Paid Search campaigns, there is no ongoing cost for SEO and you keep getting new visitors to your site for as long as you can maintain your rankings.

  • Credibility Being seen on the first page of Google against a popular search term improves the credibility of your brand as most people believe that Google automatically shows only the best results at the top.

  • Repeat business Customers referred from search engines tend to stick around for longer. Increase customer lifetime revenues via SEO!

how it works


We basically offer four main forms of SEO contracts:

Monthly Retainer $850-$1600 per month

Within this range, the amount that you pay depends on your utilization i.e. the number of SEO team members that you want to be dedicated to your project.

Contract Services at Fixed Prices Starts at $599 per month

In this model we conduct a preliminary analysis of your website to determine the exact breakdown of work that we will be performing for you. This would include services like Campaign Planning, Producing the Creatives Reporting etc.

Contracts start at $599/Month and we require a minimum 3 months commitment.

Hourly Consulting Start at $10 per hour

For doing one off tasks like setting up of account and selection of demographics.

  • "We have worked with Jprinfoserve for at least 2 years, developing 2 different websites and upgrading them, one is a dot net website and another one is a netsuite web aapplciation. All work has always been done promptly, reliably, efficiently and competitively. It is a pleasure working with them."

    VINOD MAHALE, Techivin

  • "The team at Jpr Infoserve were a breath of fresh air. They were able to handle all my company's administerative needs at a fraction of what it would have been with any other firm. I was very impressed with their knowlfge of various industries and excellent communication skills. Great Job"

    BERNICE NJORGE, Yatalie Capital Management

  • "I needed a pretty complex software application built and could not find the right partner to do so at the right price. I found Jprinfoserve very refreshing, they (from day one) understood my needs and provided excellent customer service to me and my team. Awesome firm!"

    FRANK DAPPAH, Salesfully CO

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