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JPR Infoserve pricing model strikes the right balance between the customer’s expectations of quality, timeliness and price, and our costs and operational efficiency. Every business has unique needs and we offer pricing models that fits your requirements.

Most times, pricing models are decided by customers, based on experience with other service providers, or influenced by their capabilities, and sometimes the maturity levels of both parties. There has to be a decision framework, to help both the service provider and the customer, to assess and finally decide on the best suitable pricing model. This is based on various parameters, like engagement / service types, working experience, duration / relationship of engagement, goals of the engagement at hand.

Time & Material

The T&M model works best for customers who want a flexible and agile project execution. Here they play a greater role in the development of the software product or solution. In this model we assign a team to the customer and the actual time spent by the team on the project is billed. Monthly invoicing is pro-rata, based on the total hours spent on the project and the rates for the skill sets involved.

How Does It Work

  • Tell us Your
  • We will assign people
    with a wide range of
    skill sets to work on the
  • You Get Daily Updates
    and Detailed
  • You pay on Pro-rata
    basis based on actual
    hours used

Here is when you should choose this type of contract:

  • Requirements are evolving.
  • Work involves new technologies or processes.
  • You need to keep pushing changes live regularly.
  • You have proprietary code that is causing issues or, needs new features.

We offer flexible Resource Pooling arrangement to provide highest utilization across multiple technologies and services. Our competition aims to match a skill with a individual which is problematic in scenario where multiple skillsets are required to complete the job. Our flexible Resource Pooling model is different: it matches the skill set with the team and not individuals, and it provides the options to ramp up and down the team size based on projected need. This provides the best overall utilization of the pool by increasing efficiencies and providing the option to tailor the team to your need. As the need changes the pool adapts itself to the needs maintaining the highest level of utilization.

Fixed Price

The fixed price model is ideal for small and medium level projects with clear and well-defined requirements. In this model, the service provider and the customer both carry some scope-related risk. But, as per the agreed contract, any change in the scope would result in a change in the price. Fixed price models allow customers to pay a fixed price for a project that is agreed upon by both the parties. The fixed price could be split and paid on milestones. This model works where the scope and specifications of the project are crystal clear from the very beginning and system requirements have been defined clearly. In this model, it is very important to discuss everything and make an estimation of the appropriate cost of the project at the very beginning.

How Does It Work

  • Tell us What You Need
  • We Tell you the Budget,
    Schedule and Payment
  • Our Team Goes to
    Work and Give Weekly
  • You Accept The
  • Project is Closed and
    Team is Reassigned

Here is when you should choose fixed price contracts:

  • Requirements, Deliverables and Acceptance criteria are be clearly defined.
  • The business logic is straightforward.
  • You don’t foresee requirements to change much once the project is started.
  • You want us to handle the entire cycle of work from gathering requirements to final delivery.

We offer our clients an option to choose on whether they want to pay based on actual effort spent on fixed cost contract. So, you have all the benefits that a fixed price contract offers but, an added benefit that if we deliver project quickly or reuse components to save development effort then that benefit is passed directly to you. While our competition hides such information and potentially overcharge for things that are done quickly.

Dedicated Team

The dedicated team model works as a dedicated service provider for a period of time. This team acts as the virtual extension of the client’s in-house development team. The customer takes the onus of getting work done effectively from the team. Advantages of this model include knowledge retention and the flexibility of utilizing the team for different requirements. Monthly bills are raised based on the number of resources dedicated every month.

How Does It Work

  • Tell us Your
  • We Assemble Your
  • Your Team Starts
    Working for you
  • You Get Daily
    Updates and Detailed
  • You Renew at the
    end of the Month

Here is when you should choose this type of contract:

  • You Require consistent and ongoing efforts of dedicated staff.
  • You want to close control how the work is executed, project information and knowledge.
  • The work involves involve joint work and close coordination between you and our teams.

We offer our clients an option to choose on whether they want to renew contract at the end of 30 calendar days or at the completion of 160 hrs. It is better for those clients who want to retain knowledge and work with someone over long term but cannot guarantee that they have full 8 hrs of work everyday.

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